“The first third-party service to measure and analyze online advertising and marketing campaigns in real time” is claimed by Jupiter Media Metrix, which on Wednesday launched its latest metering product, Campaign Analysis.

According to Jupiter, this offers advertisers, ad-servers and web publishers the most detailed and timely measures to determine companies' effectiveness in online advertising and email and affiliate marketing.

In the past, says the company, advertisers have relied on ad servers and publishers to provide basic auditing reports on the number of online ads served. This can create difficulties for ad agencies in discerning the effectiveness of a given campaign.

Campaign Analysis, however, allows ad impressions to be measured and analyzed as surfers view them – in the actual web browser – irrespective of that browser’s location and who served the ad.

According to Seth Segal, a senior vp at JMM: “It is not uncommon for upwards of 50% of ad impressions to be disputed between advertisers and ad-serving agencies. As the first third-party firm to measure online marketing campaigns in great detail, [we] will help remove the ambiguity and skepticism over the definition of an ad impression by reporting only what is loaded in the Web browser, not what is served.”

Forecasts Segal, with all due diffidence: “The service will grow overall confidence in online advertising and marketing by taking the uncertainty out of ad-impression counts and moving it toward a pay-for-performance model, such as in traditional media.”

Data sourced from: BrandWeek.com; additional content by WARC staff