Jupiter MMXI has unveiled its first weekly set of data monitoring British internet useage. The US-owned company has been active in UK home internet audience measurement since October 1999, reporting the figures monthly until now .

With the switch to weekly, online advertisers can use the data to track campaign reach, learning on a week by week basis how consumers behave and how their sites perform.

For the week ending June 10, nearly ten million people accessed the web from their homes, spending on average 2h25m online. They accessed the net on three days during the week with the most popular destinations being entertainment sites, ISPs, portals and services. Chat rooms, ICQ applications and messenger services also figured large on their itineraries.

Jupiter, astute as ever, isn’t revealing its top ten site rankings to non-subscribers. However, it did let slip the fact that two retail sites – Amazon.com and Tesco.com – ranked respectively fourth and ninth in popularity.

News source: Daily Research News Online