NEW YORK: Ex-Wal-Mart marketing communications svp Julie Roehm has accused her former employer of orchestrating a smear campaign against her since her firing last year [WARC News: 06-Dec-06].

Roehm, who is pursuing a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal, went public following the filing of a counterclaim by Wal-Mart last week which alleges she had an 'inappropriate relationship' with a colleague (against the retailer's code of ethics), who was also fired.

She suggests her dismissal could be due to sexism at Wal-Mart: "Perhaps some did not like following or taking the advice of a woman."

Continued Roehm: "Under cover of a counterclaim, Wal-Mart is insinuating things about my personal life and pretending I violated some code of ethics with advertisers, all to distract from the reality that it didn't want my form of progressive marketing."

A Wal-Mart spokesman commented: "The facts in our counterclaim speak for themselves."

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