TORONTO: Jones New York, the fashion brand, is aiming to serve women who are now "expected to do it all" – a goal reflecting its decades of experience in meeting evolving customer needs.

Carrie Kirkman, the president of Jones Apparel Group Canada – a subsidiary of the iconic Jones Group – discussed this subject at a recent conference.

"Women have changed the world. From the halls of power to the executive suite, they've earned their seat at the head of the table," she said.

"But they haven't traded in any of their traditional roles." (For more, including more details of how the firm keeps pace with its customers, read Warc's exclusive report: How Jones New York fine tunes its brand, decade by decade.)

Today, Kirkman asserted, "women are doing more than ever: supporting families, balancing complex lives, keeping up with the busy lifestyle."

Were this task not challenging enough on its own terms, she added, "They're expected to do it all with style and ease."

With a history spanning more than four decades, Jones New York began its journey by offering style at accessible prices to an increasingly empowered audience in the 1970s.

During the 1980s, its audience continued to progress professionally – as shown by power suits and pinstripe – and the focus moved to tailored suits for career-focused clients.

Providing an "expensive look for less" was one priority in the 1990s, while organics and bright colours were central in the 2000s, as the valid work-wear options expanded further.

In summing up the main trend for the 2010s, Kirkman pointed to "the empowerment of women everywhere."

And that means Jones has been required to respond again. "The brand idea has continued to evolve and it is really about today," she asserted.

"It's classic, accessible, and trusted because today's working woman deserves good quality for a value and a fit that works for her."

Data sourced from Warc