SINGAPORE: The spread of mobile coupled with the fact that over 45% of Asia's population are millennials has been a marketing game-changer for Johnson & Johnson, according to a leading executive.

"What has changed with digital is that the main message has to come upfront and connect," Richa Goswami, APAC Head of Digital and Innovation for the company's consumer healthcare brands, explained at an event in Singapore recently.

"If you cannot show your brand, and if you cannot hook consumers within three seconds, you might as well forget about it," was her blunt assessment. (For more on how Johnson & Johnson drives ROI from digital content, read WARC's exclusive report: Johnson & Johnson's 'CIA' approach to branded content.)

"(Millennials) have grown up in a world where for them, being mobile is like breathing," said Goswami. "Mobile has changed everything. It's the way you consume content. It's the way you expect to be engaged. It's the way you buy things."

The company has developed a 'C-I-A' – context, impact, action – approach to content to ensure they are getting the highest return on investment.

For 'context', marketers must consider the context of consumers' micro-moments, as well as the context of the platform content resides in, Goswami said.

"Understand what the consumers are doing on the platform, then create the content for that."

For 'impact', Goswami recommended attention-grabbing creative that delivers emotional and functional resonance quickly.

"The way people recall and consume content on their desktop is very different on the mobile device, so make sure you are building the creative that come with the speed that people consume at," Goswami said.

For 'action', Goswami emphasised the need for marketers to include a call to action, or purchase prompt.

"We (marketers) love to create the awareness videos and create consideration, but a lot don't go down the funnel where you have a call to action," Goswami observed.

A seamless customer journey is critical, particularly on mobile devices. "If you build a website, you should be able to just click on where to buy and go straight into an e-tailer and buy the product," she said.

Data sourced from WARC