One of Britain's largest department store groups, the John Lewis Partnership, has marked the success of its John Lewis Direct online venture with the absorption of, the Californian e-tailer acquired last February for its technological knowhow.

According to Murray Hennessy, former chief executive of and now managing director of JLD, the success of JLD’s pre-Christmas trading has swept away all arguments in favour of running the two ventures side-by-side.

“We have taken the decision to merge the two businesses to capitalise on the strength of the John Lewis brand name after we saw the strength it had for us in the run-up to Christmas. This will be a real shot in the arm for the business because we will bring the heavy traffic area of technology under the department store site and we will get real operational cost savings.”

As of March, Hennessy also hopes to bring the traffic of's 200,000 computer hardware and software customers to the JLD site which will open a special cyber-branch to cater for their needs.

News source: Financial Times