Luxury car maker Jaguar has apologised for a humorous Valentine's Day marketing push which backfired.

The Advertising Standards Authority, the UK industry watchdog, censored the company following complaints about anonymous letters which some recipients felt implied they were either having an affair or being stalked.

The letters which promised a "photograph next week" of a "perfect match" were signed Ian Major if addressed to women or Elizabeth Jones if intended for men.

The ASA upheld 37 separate complaints about the "suggestive" mailings which the authority said did not make clear were a marketing campaign.

It said the letters "could put a strain on a recipient's relationship" or encourage some people "to believe they were being stalked".

As well as apologising Jaguar promised not to use the same type of campaign again.

Jaguar is the latest high-profile brand to be censured for a marketing push which made some recipients believe they were being stalked.

A mobile phone campaign which featured heavy breathing for the Tom Cruise film Minority Report also received a welter of complaints.

Data sourced from: BBC News; additional content by WARC staff