NEW YORK: Modern creatives must embody a "new way of looking at the world" that involves fusing data and the latest tech with big ideas for clients, according to executives from JWT New York.

Lynn Power, the agency's president, and Eric Weisberg, its executive creative director, discussed this subject at the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) 2015 Audience Measurement conference.

"Today requires a new breed of thinkers - a new way of looking at the world," Power said. (For more, including examples from Zyrtec, KitKat and Berocca, read Warc's exclusive report: How technology revolutionizes JWT's creative process.)

"The secret sauce of how creativity gets made is no longer something that resides solely in the creative department."

Instead, she suggested, the use of data is now a core component of JWT's creative practices - with the end goal often being the formulation of unique, technology-driven experiences rather than traditional campaigns.

"We're embracing data not just as a separate group in the agency but really as an extension of the creative department," Power said.

And the result, Weisberg continued, has been nothing short of the "reinvention of the creative department and the creative process".

More specifically, he argued that strategists, writers, artists and technologists are working in unison, instead of sticking to the silos of the past.

"The time when a writer and an art director would lock themselves in a room and come out in a few weeks with Hamlet is gone," he reported.

In its place have emerged different standards, expectations and proof points through analytics - all of which demand that "more people need to be part of the creative process".

Weisberg added: "They're connecting the dots between everything that's out there in the world to create insight through data, to use technology through data to create new ideas. And that's really transforming everything that we do."

Data sourced from Warc