THE ‘TARTAN ARMY’ web site sponsored by Scottish Courage’s Tartan Special lager brand has offended football’s most famous chin, Jimmy Hill, one-time England player, TV commentator and ex-chairman of Fulham FC. None too popular with Scottish fans because of his derogatory remarks about their national team, Hill has been the target of increasingly crude insults on the Tartan Army web site, deliberately fomented he claims, by Scottish Courage 'just because it wants to boost profits'. The site offers soccer-surfers free lager and boasts it can teach them to sing the famous terrace chant ‘We Hate Jimmy Hill’ in over thirty languages. A competition was mounted attracting entries of the chant in 32 languages including Mandarin Chinese, Zulu and Serbo-Croat. It is alleged that Courage also made ob-scene sexual reference to Hill in a press release and the site’s chat pages published fans’ insults, calling Hill an 'English bastard', his playing career 'crap' and his commentaries 'shite'. Some referred to him in the 'trousers department'. Hill’s solicitor says his client is 'outraged that a big brewer like Scottish Courage is fomenting hatred against him' solely for commercial reasons. Hill is demanding substantial damages and a public apology. Scottish Courage, its tongue surely in its cheek, said it was proud of its links with the 'pleasant and peaceful Tartan Army'. [Clearly the spokesman has never run the gauntlet of driving past Glasgow Rangers’ ground after the home team has lost!]