Milan-headquartered Armando Testa, Italy’s biggest agency, is to set-up an outpost in London as in an extension of its pan-European operations. Testa already has an office in London, as well as Athens, Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris.

The British fledgling, CDD Testa, bears the initials of a trio of creatives poached from fellow Milan shop D'Adda Lorenzini Vigorelli BBDO: Walter Campbell, Sean Doyle and David Dye. Testa’s extant London office will close and its business passed to the new agency.

Says Testa’s London-based director of international operations David Grey: “While we were working on this deal we had a code name for it, 'Operation Explode,' and that's what we think it will do … this new agency will explode onto the scene in London.”

CDD Testa will be 55% owned by Armando Testa personally, the residue owned by Campbell, Doyle and Dye plus three other unnamed investors.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily