Ireland’s state-funded tourism body Bord Fáilte has announced there will be no cutback in its $28 million global ad budget in the wake of current economic uncertainty and last month’s attacks on the US.

According to ceo Paul O’Toole, the agency will instead scrutinise how best to spend its marketing cash following the disaster.

American tourists to Ireland are now expected to fall by 30% in 2001 and up to 50% in 2002, prompting Bord Fáilte to launch a $2m domestic tourism campaign via lead agency McCann-Erickson in Dublin.

The agency will also continue its involvement in a new body promoting the whole island of Ireland around the world, in association with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Titled Tourism Ireland, the umbrella organisation is due to begin operations before the end of the year.

The new body’s first duty will be to oversee the launch of an international TV and print campaign early next year, handled by McCann-Erickson Global in London. Around $6m so far has been spent on the push, with total spend over three years predicted to reach $78m. The campaign will centre on a new logo for the island, unsurprisingly involving the shamrock.

News source: AdAge Global