LONDON: More than two-thirds (67%) of young British app users find ads annoying and almost one-third (28%) always turn off push notifications as soon as they download an app, a new survey has revealed.

Based on the responses of over 1,000 UK students aged 16 to 24, youth insights consultancy Voxburner also found their other frustrations include apps that take too long to load (45%) and fire too many push notifications (34%).

Other common aggravations include being required to login to use an app (30%) and finding an app is not available on their mobile platform (35%).

Commenting on the findings, Precious Hamilton-Brown, creative coordinator at mobile technology firm Swiftkey, warned brands not to take young app-users for granted.

"Young people rightly have high expectations when it comes to giving away a prime spot on their homescreen," she said.

"They expect quality apps that deliver genuine value, keeping them coming back for more. Companies that want to grow their teenage fan base must have integrity, credibility and not rest on their laurels for a moment."

Luke Mitchell, head of insight at Voxburner, also urged advertisers to avoid excessive push notifications or intrusive ads, but added that switching to apps that take a "freemium" approach could be their best option.

"The number of apps young people keep on their phone indicates that there's no space for those that aren't providing fun or utility,” he said. "Annoy them with excessive push notifications or intrusive ads and you'll feel the full impact of the 'uninstall' button."

Elsewhere, the survey found almost three-quarters (73%) of its sample keep a core number of up to ten apps that are used each week even though 53% have more than 30 apps downloaded on their phone in total. In all, 4% have more than 100.

Data sourced from Voxburner; additional content by Warc