Or more precisely Bozell Kamstra, Minneapolis, to pay Interpublic siblings Carmichael Lynch of the same city and Bozell in New York.

As part of Interpublic Group’s recently announced re-engineering program [WAMN: 11-Jul-01], around $90 million in billings is being airlifted from Bozell Kamstra to elsewhere in the IPG labyrinth.

Bozell New York is presented with some $30m in the shape of a corporate branding assignment for Fujitsu, having recently also fallen heir to toymaker Tyco’s $35m account, bequeathed by Kamstra’s Boston unit.

Back in Minneapolis, Bozell’s sister-shop Carmichael Lynch has acquired four Kamstra clients worth around $20m in aggregated billings: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota, Lawson Software, Hurd Millwork Company and Wagner Spray Tech.

The fate of Kamstra’s remaining staff will be decided shortly. Meantime, according to Carmichael Lynch president John Colasanti: “The opportunity presented itself, and we determined that it would make sense for us to add these brands to our roster. I think their needs are a good match with what we offer from an integrated standpoint.”

News source: AdWeek.com