Emap Digital and Chrysalis New Media have teamed to back a joint B2B campaign promoting the internet as an advertising medium, replicating – and calling into question – the function of Britain’s Internet Advertising Bureau.

Although the IAB has been notified of the initiative, it is uncertain whether it will be involved. CNM chief executive Lisa Gordon implied that the duo, both IAB-members and major forces in the UK online industry, are dissatisfied with its performance and will bypass the trade body if necessary.

“We've been talking to the IAB, which has been very supportive, but it's got a slightly different agenda,” said Gordon. “We have a very clear mandate that could be set up as a separate division within the IAB. If we can do it through an existing body, then that would be better, but if our issues are going to get lost then we'll do it as a separate venture."

IAB chairman, Danny Meadows-Klue, concedes that scant funds and resources have hindered effective promotion of the internet as an effective marketing medium. “We warmly embrace the enthusiasm of all media owners to market the medium more heavily,” he said. “It's about helping the advertisers appreciate the uses of the web."

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)