Warc's subscribers in Asia adopted a global outlook over the last 12 months, as the region's most frequent downloads for the year indicated.

The single most-read article among clients and agencies in Asia was a Warc Briefing on brand architecture, providing insights regarding how large advertisers can effectively manage portfolios of brands and sub-brands.

Best practice for brand architecture, an Admap article on a similar subject, was also ranked eighth.

Two other internationally-orientated papers, a list of 10 global consumer trends and 11 media trends for 2011, also finished third and fourth in turn.

Meanwhile, Celebrity advertising in India, an in-depth look at how Bollywood and sports stars are used in ads, was the only region-specific paper in the top ten, finishing in second place.

Elsewhere in the rankings, shopper marketing proved popular among Asian subscribers.

Three papers on this topic – The shopper insights of McDonald's, Wrigley, Adidas and Syngenta, alongside Shopping's emotional drivers and Engage consumers throughout the shopper journey – finished fifth, ninth and tenth respectively.

Just one paper focusing on a single advertiser made the list. The Euromonitor profile on Unilever's toiletries and cosmetics brands, providing analysis of the FMCG giant's overall position and marketing strategy in this area, came seventh.

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Data sourced from Warc