MOUNTAIN VIEW, California: 'Advertising slowdown; what advertising slowdown,' Sergey and Brin's unstoppable money machine could justifiably ask?

Without, of course, making an undiplomatic reference to the recent much-publicized ad slump at Yahoo - these days the nearest thing to a Google rival on the world stage.

Google's third quarter numbers make heady reading. Profit nearly doubled and revenue up 70%, boosted by a 44% rise in international operations and an ongoing surge in domestic online ad sales.

Excluding commissions paid to marketing partners, revenue was $1.87 billion (€1.48bn; £993.2m), up from $1.05 billion in the year-earlier period.

"We had an excellent quarter in all respects, especially including international," said ceo Eric Schmidt in a conference call with analysts.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff