LOS ANGELES: Intel, the technology company, is expanding its iconic "Intel Inside" positioning by demonstrating how its products can deliver unique experiences.

Penny Baldwin, Intel's VP/Global Marketing and Communications Group, discussed this subject at the 2016 Brand Summit held by Advertising Age.

"We had become undifferentiated. I believe that our relentless, obsessive focus on 'Intel Inside' had effectively rendered the brand invisible," Baldwin said. (For more details, read Warc's exclusive report: Intel reinterprets its brand value.)

"We were trapped inside the box, distant from the consumers, with no real tangible, visible or visceral role in the marketplace."

Rather than dismiss its long-standing positioning, however, the goal was to "redefine" the meaning of "Intel Inside". Said Baldwin: "I think you'd have to be kind of a lunatic to abandon that legacy."

As part of the process of redefinition, the brand researched the "passion points" which resonated with millennials in eight leading markets across the globe.

"You won't be surprised by this," Baldwin said, "but they're very consistent in every market around the world. The rank order might change slightly, but they tend to cluster in these swim lanes: sports, dating, entertainment, music and fashion."

And Intel's resultant marketing efforts have included installing processors to snowboards during the Winter X Games to provide real-time information about the height, speed and accuracy of their jumps and flips.

Similarly, a tie-up with Lady Gaga during the GRAMMYs saw the brand give the singer real-time control over a range of visual effects.

In the fashion space, it undertook a collaboration with designers Ezra and Tuba Çetin on an intelligent "butterfly dress", where mechanical butterflies are activated by a proximity detector.

While these consumer-focused programs have a spillover effect into the business-to-business arena, Intel's next steps will involve fuller attempts to connect with executives.

"Very simply," Baldwin said, "the core of our message will be: in the world of business, amazing transformations start with Intel."

Data sourced from Warc