GLOBAL: Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network, has announced plans to roll out a suite of measurement tools to help advertisers gain better insights into how their campaigns work with users.

Three new tools will be launched over the "coming weeks and months" that can be accessed from a special dashboard interface and, significantly, they will provide data in real time, Marketing Week reported.

An "Account Insights" tool will provide advertisers with data about non-paid content and how they perform through impressions, reach and engagement.

An "Ad Insights" tool will enable them to measure the performance of paid campaigns using metrics such as reach and frequency.

Meanwhile, an "Ad Staging" tool will enable creatives to preview their ads before launching them and to collaborate on upcoming campaigns.

Instagram first introduced ads 10 months ago and currently only works with a handful of brands in the US, Canada and Australia, but its new offering is based on feedback it received over the past six months, the Wall Street Journal reported.

"It's important for us to provide measurement to really prove the platform," said Jeff Kanter, product manager at Instagram.

"We heard from brands that they wanted more insight into how people engage with their organic content and ads," he added.

In a recent paper for Warc that covered the Advertising Age Digital Conference 2014, brands were advised that Instagram's focus on high-quality visuals and imagery made it a particularly suitable platform for high-end campaigns.

Jim Squires, Instagram's director of market operations, told delegates that one of its main characteristics is the ability to capture the attention of consumers with visuals which encapsulate moments and emotions.

Data sourced from Marketing Week, Wall Street Journal; additional content by Warc staff