Widely regarded as one of the best informed and intelligent of the print media spawned by the dotcom eruption, The Industry Standard has ceased publication after failing to attract extra funding or a buyer.

Although publisher Standard Media still hopes to find a buyer, its largest shareholder Boston-based International Data Group has zipped its chequebook as have other shareholders – among them Pearson, publisher of the Financial Times. Staff are currently on one week’s mandatory paid holiday and calls to the TIS office in San Francisco are answered only by machine.

As with many of its kin, TIS made much hay while the sun shone. Seen as compulsory reading by dotcom entrepreneurs and their myriad acolytes, the magazine boasted hundreds of ad pages per issue during the cyber bonanza in 1999 and early 2000. Its issue cover-dated July 30 featured just sixty-four ads – and only TIS ad staff know how many (if any) were sold at ratecard.

News source: Financial Times