SINGAPORE: Asia's emerging economies are embracing the mobile web revolution, according to new data.

We Are Social's last Digital Trends Report, released mid-January, reveals Indonesia and India – two of the region's most populous markets – are ranked among the top five countries globally for mobile web penetration.

The data is generated by measuring the percentage of all web traffic served to mobile devices.

Indonesia comes in at number 3 with 75% of all webpages served to mobile phones, while India is at number 4, with two thirds of all internet traffic going to mobile. As internet penetration soars in the two countries, new users are skipping computers entirely and connecting for the first time on their phone. For brands, a mobile-friendly online experience is now imperative to market growth in these two markets.

Wifi hotspots are driving growth with free connectivity options in many cafes, stores and train stations encouraging users to connect while on the move. Users in many developing Asian countries struggle with unreliable telecom infrastructure, and so are reliant on free wifi services to stay connected. Social media is also a major motivator, particularly in Indonesia which is one of Facebook's largest markets.

For many Indonesians, scrolling Facebook on their mobile is their only experience of the internet, and their main social and brand experience platform. An estimated 11% of Indonesians who said they used Facebook on their mobiles also said they did not use the internet at all otherwise.

In India, the thriving mobile ad market is growing at least 60% year on year, reflecting increased mobile connectivity and is estimated to reach 20% of all ad spend by 2020. However, according to We Are Social, just 10% of Indians currently use social media, significantly below the global average of 31%.

Data sourced form Campaign Asia-Pacific, Quartz; additional content by Warc staff