JAKARTA: Consumers in Indonesia have the highest confidence levels around the world after overtaking their Indian counterparts, a report has revealed.

Nielsen, the research group, polled 28,000 internet users in 56 countries, and reported that participants in Indonesia delivered a reading of 120 points (where 100=neutral), up by two points versus the previous quarter.

The Indian panel, however, logged a two point decline, to 119 points. Despite this, Piyush Mathur, president of Nielsen India, suggested the overall climate remained positive.

"While there is no doubt the Indian economy is slowing down a bit and the country is adjusting to that new reality, the nominal GDP growth rates are still the envy of the developing world given the size and scale of the market," he said.

The Philippines, in third, also fell from 118 points to 116 points quarter on quarter, totals standing at 119 points and 115 points in turn for Saudi Arabia.

Nielsen's worldwide index rating stood at 91 points in the second quarter, off by three points compared with the first quarter, but increasing by two points from 12 months earlier.

More broadly, perceptions improved in just 23 of the featured markets, but decreased in 26 and were flat across a further seven. 

Asia Pacific generated the best regional returns, on 100 points, although this did mark a slip from 103 points when measured against Q1. Latin America also saw a slide of two points, to 96 points.

North America was down by four points to 88 points. By contrast, and in spite of the financial crisis engulfing much of the region, Europe enjoyed a one point lift to 73 points. The Middle East and Africa witnessed the same expansion, to 98 points.

The biggest quarterly confidence decline was yielded by Taiwan, posting a contraction of 12 points, alongside Argentina, the Netherlands, the US and China, dropping five points apiece.

"Confidence cannot increase indefinitely especially in light of the impact of the current global economy and the ongoing European financial crisis on China's export growth. Over time, the Chinese government's efforts to transform China into a consumption-led economy will pay off for the country," said Yan Xuan, president, Nielsen Greater China.

Elsewhere, France registered the most substantial improvement, gaining 11 points. This figure came in at nine points for Belgium, seven points for Switzerland and Finland, and six points for each of Austria, Egypt and Greece.

Data sourced from Nielsen; additional content by Warc staff