NEW DELHI: Indian consumers want brands to share and are more likely to try, purchase and recommend those that do, but few think brands are currently sharing in an effective manner, according to new research.

A report from PR company Edelman, entitled brandshare, surveyed 11,000 people in eight countries, including 2,125 Indian consumers in 17 States, as it explored the link between the 'shares' and business results of more than 200 brands.

It found that 82% of Indian consumers wanted brands to 'share', reported Campaign India, but only 25% said brands were doing so successfully, compared with global averages of 90% and 10% respectively.

The study proposed six dimensions of sharing, covering dialogue, experience, goals, values, product and history and said the most business value came from shared product and values.

And while large differences in terms of consumers' expectations of sharing were visible between countries, Edelman said the impact of these behaviours on likelihood to recommend, purchase or try was significant and similar across all markets.

Shared product was ranked as most important by consumers in India, with 75% saying openness about the quality of a brand was important to them, compared to just 54% globally.

Further, 67% stated that it was important for brands to value their input and participation in the creation and development of a product, while 65% wanted brands to personalise to their tastes.

But the report also found gaps between consumer expectations and brand delivery, especially in the areas of shared value, shared goals and shared products. "Brands must be more open and transparent on sourcing, engage with people to understand their needs and invite people into the product development process," it said.

Cornelia Kunze, vice chairman, APACMEA region, Edelman noted that India was a relatively young market for brand engagement. "As such, enthusiasm remains very high for sharing and brands are appreciated for the sharing behaviours they are already doing," she said.

"This study demonstrates that shared dialogue and experiences lay a critical foundation, and evolved, transparent sharing around values, goals, participation and heritage are clearly correlated with brand growth," she added.

Data sourced from Edelman, Campaign India; additional content by Warc staff