HYDERABAD: A significant majority of consumers in India are familiar with green products, have confidence that they are better for the environment and feel that bio-based ingredients enhance the desirability of a product, a new survey has found.

The DuPont Green Living Survey: India, conducted by TNS Global, is the third nationwide survey of its kind for the US chemical company – its previous reports having covered attitudes to green goods in North America and China.

Based on the responses of 1,270 Indian consumers in 12 major cities, the survey established that nearly two-thirds (63%) are familiar with green products and, of those, 85% are confident that they are better for the environment.

Interestingly, this places India's confidence in green products at a higher level than consumers in the other countries surveyed.

Previous studies showed consumers in China had 70% confidence while in Canada and the US confidence was shared by 65% and 60% respectively.

Overall familiarity with green products was higher in Canada (78%) and the US (76%), although India's rate of 63% is much higher than the 43% recorded in China.

"Green and bio-based solutions are not only essential to address the challenges of India's growing population, but also an expectation of a younger generation and rising middle class," said Vikram Prabhu, regional business director, Asia Pacific, DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

"We are particularly encouraged that there is broad awareness of green products across the country with India's younger generation leading the way," he added.

Looking at the results on a regional basis, the survey found familiarity with green products is the highest in South India (83%) and the East (68%), followed by the West (42%) and North (53%).

A full 95% of South Indians are also most confident that green products are better for the environment.

Brands should also be aware that more than two-thirds (67%) of Indian consumers are likely to buy clothes, personal care, hygiene and household products made from bio-based ingredients that offer environmental benefits.

Furthermore, younger consumers aged below 30 have the highest level of familiarity (69%) and, with nearly half the country's population aged below 25, the report said "there is strong potential for green product adoption and demand growth".

Data sourced from DuPont; additional content by Warc staff