NEW DELHI: As India's ecommerce shifts increasingly towards app-only stores new research has revealed a significant divide in the attitudes of men and women to online shopping.

An online survey by CashKaro, a cashback and coupons website, found that half (51%) of female respondents were not much bothered one way or another about this shift, the actual shopping experience being more important than the particular platform.

Some 30% of men held the same "doesn't-affect-me" view but 56% said they disagreed with the move to apps, implying a preference for browser-based shopping.

Overall, there was little genuine enthusiasm for the trend, although among the positive advocates for change men (14%) showed greater interest than women (5%).

More evidence of a gender divide came in the volume and value of online transactions being made. While men made more transactions overall, the value of those made by women was significantly higher.

The average spend by women was put at between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, or roughly twice as much as that of men, at between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000.

And women were more likely to be spending those sums on themselves – retail therapy, Pitch suggested. Some 45% of their online shopping was primarily for themselves, with 25% earmarked for their spouses, 20% for children and 10% for friends and family.

In contrast, most of men's online shopping (42%) was aimed at their spouses, with just 30% on themselves. Children (10%) came behind friends and family (18%) in the pecking order.

Payment methods also differed, with the research showing women still preferring cash on delivery (41%) over the use of debit or credit cards (21% and 10% respectively).

Men are twice as likely to use plastic, with 43% opting for debit cards and 17% for credit cards. Cash was favoured by just 26%.

Both sexes, however, are increasing their use of mobile wallets, with women further advanced in this regard (19% v 14%).

Data sourced from Pitch; additional content by Warc staff