NEW DEHLI: India's fmcg sector posted a 10.1% year-on-year improvement in January, and was up 8.6% for the ten months from April 2007.

However, the country's consumer durables sector posted a monthly decline of 3.1%, and is down 1.7% over the same longer-term period.

Despite which the consumer goods sector as a whole was up 7% in January and 5.9% from April 2007 to the end of January 2008, with the tobacco, food products and beverages markets recording uplifts of around 10% over the same ten-month period.

Cotton textiles posted growth of just over 3% in January (and 4.5% for the ten month period), although it is thought that growth in this sector may have been inhibited by the rise in the value of the rupee against the dollar.

Manufacturing figures were up by 5.9% in January (and 9.2% in the ten months), with mining and quarrying rising 1.8% in January (and 4.6% from April 2007 to the end of the first month in 2008), while electricity generation rose 3.3% (+6.3% overall).

Wood and wood products and non-transport machinery, however, both posted monthly declines during January.

Data sourced from The Times of India; additional content by WARC staff