BANGALORE: A new study by the World BankThe Role of Mobile Phones in Sustainable Rural Poverty Reduction – has identified India as the globe's second-largest wireless telephony market after China.

In 2007 the latter boasted over five hundred million active mobile phone accounts and, according to the Bank, it is currently adding between 6-7 million new subscribers each month.

India's wireless telecoms tally has reached 250m, making it the second-largest such market in the world, growing at around 8-9m monthly.

By comparison, the US market grows each month at around 2m-3m.

According to the study, mobile phones also help to decrease poverty, "for example, reducing market inefficiencies in Bangladesh or information asymmetries in India."

Other studies have shown that fishermen in Kerala use mobile phones to coordinate sales and arbitrage price information from potential buyers, thus helping them to increase incomes and reduce wastage.

Data sourced from The Times of India; additional content by WARC staff