An eighty-one strong global network of independent ad agencies, the Aurora, Colorado-based Worldwide Partners, has been acquired by its members on unstated terms.

Says Worldwide Partners’ chairman Jon Bond (also co-chair of New York member-agency Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners): "We're trying to develop a different model where the agencies own the network rather than the network owns the agencies. It just basically makes the network a lot more of a commitment."

Between them, WP members employ 5,200 staff in forty-one countries. In the US, other members include CreatAbility in Miami, Fort Lauderdale-based Harris Drury Cohen and Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Connecticut.

Among the network’s European members are Resonnances & Cie (Paris, France), Wächter & Wächter (Munich, Germany), NB-COM (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and The Union Advertising Agency (Edinburgh, UK).

In the Asia Pacific region, participants include Samuelson Talbot & Partners (Melbourne, Australia) and Asahi Advertising (Tokyo, Japan). The consortium is represented in South Africa by Johannesburg-based Klatzko & Waldron.

News source: New York Times