REYKJAVIK: US audience researcher Arbitron's controversial electronic Portable People Meter device - which has struggled for acceptance in its homeland - has been enthusiastically adopted by the Icelandic ratings industry.

The cessation of the paper diary system makes Iceland the first country in the world to use electronic collection both of TV and radio data.

The six-year contract with the country's major TV and radio broadcasters has been awarded to research and consulting firm Capacent. It is being supported by TNS Norway, which already uses the PPM system for radio measurement in its home market.

Comments Pierre Bouvard, Arbitron president of sales and marketing: "With multimedia data from the PPM panel, broadcasters and advertisers can gain new insights into how their audiences use and flow between both media."

The PPM is smaller than a mobile phone and is worn or carried by the panel member throughout the day. It detects the audio portion of any transmission which the respondent hears.

Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff