Greg Dyke, former director general of the BBC, may have reached a bifurcation in his career path.

If the current spate of rumours is to be believed, Dyke is consulting the oracle as to whether to take the righthand fork which leads to the chair of Walt Disney Company's troubled ABC Television unit -- reportedly about to be reluctantly vacated by Lloyd Braun [WAMN: 07-Apr-04].

Or the lefthand path signposted ITV plc.

The former route would lead to working for a volatile and demanding US master; the latter might also have a similar destination, some predict.

Meantime, ITV chairman Sir Peter Burt downplayed speculation that Dyke is a contender for the broadcaster's chief executive role, while admitting he had met with the deposed BBC boss within the last fortnight. But the delicate subject of the ITV chief executive role was not discussed at the meeting, Burt insists.

However, according to, Dyke confidantes say he would "jump at the chance" to replace Charles Allen as ITV's ceo -- not least to settle an old score with the latter who fired him after Granada's hostile takeover of London Weekend Television back in the early 1990s.

Says one of Dyke's bosom pals: "Greg is really up for it [the ITV job]. He feels his media career wasn't supposed to end this way. He thought he was going to lead the BBC through charter review, get the licence fee and walk away a hero. He's really cheesed off."

And the ABC hotseat? Dyke on Monday jetted stateside -- but he wasn't revealing whether the reason for his trip was tourism or television.

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