Britain's ITV network yesterday announced that it will in future offer a range of commitments to advertisers, including the delivery of specially targeted viewers, rather than its present self-imposed single target of 35.5% for peak time ratings performance.

Industry observes believe the new strategy reflects the growing competition from multi-channel TV rivals, while advertisers clearly approve.

Bob Wootton, director of media at the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, said that ITV had listened to what advertisers were saying. The new formula was “more relevant” to advertisers and less of “a hostage to fortune” for the network.

ITV also guaranteed its current status as a broadcaster to audiences of five million plus. Seventeen hundred of its programmes exceeded that figure in 2000; while the network also aims to retain its narrow lead over BBC1 as the prime channel in homes with digital TV – in which it currently holds 20.7% audience share versus BBC1’s 19.2 %.

News source: The Times (London)