ITV’s dominant duo, Carlton Communications and Granada Media, met with BSkyB and the BBC Monday to present their survival plan for cash-haemorrhaging ITV Digital [WAMN: 05-Dec-01].

This would centre around the hub of a new terrestrial digital TV platform, carrying up to twenty free-to-air channels, among them Sky One and the BBC’s new youth channel BBC3. Connected to the hub would be a number of pay-to-view spokes ranging in price from a median £20 per month to an all-singing, all-dancing service at around £40 monthly.

Insiders say the median package would include music channels such as MTV and The Box, the Discovery channels, BBC/Flextech channels like UK Gold, UK Food and Play UK. Plus a basic sports package of ITV Sport and Sky Sports One.

The plan would be underwritten by the terrestrial TV companies, including the BBC, offering consumers a low cost basic set-top box for around £100, through which they could receive up to twenty free channels.

Reactions to the plan by BSkyB and the BBC are as yet unknown.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)