In a blow to British commercial network ITV, the Independent Television Commission has decided not to alter rules limiting the cross-promotion of digital services, following two rounds of consultation with the media industry and public.

The ITC reviewed the rules in light of the growing number of digital channels. However, its only reform will be to gather all the regulations – currently dispersed among different codes – into a single document.

The code prevents ITV cross-promoting cash-haemorrhaging digital terrestrial platform ITV Digital, jointly owned by Carlton Communications and Granada Media (the network’s biggest shareholders).

Speculation last year suggested the rules might be changed to give ITV more leeway to promote the dTV service outside normal ad spots. The ITC’s decision, however, means ITV Digital can not be named without mention of rival platforms.

In addition, the ITC will leave the amount of cross-promotion of channels in the hands of broadcasters, and will only act in response to criticism from the public.

News source: BrandRepublic (UK)