Modern woman’s quest for career development rather than cookery and crochet has brought about the demise of IPC Magazines’ Woman’s Weekly after a long and remorseless circulation decline.

The title, which targets ‘empty nesters’ whose home is their world, has been folded after forty-three years into sister magazine Woman’s Weekly. The move coincides with the launch of a new IPC weekly, Your Life, which targets younger women higher up the socio-economic ladder.

IPC hopes that older readers of Woman’s Realm will switch their allegiance to Woman’s Weekly while the more youthful will opt for Your Life – target market ABC1s in the 35-60 age group. According to IPC publishing director Sandy Gale, this group is expected to account for eight out of 10 women by 2005, earning an aggregated personal income of £99 billion annually.

"These are the women who went to Woodstock and burnt their bras. They're very feisty and have enormous disposable income," says Mary Frances, editor of Your Life.

News source: Financial Times