A report on digital interactive television (DiTV), to be published in January, has been commissioned by the UK’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. It will be authored by Howard Unna, an e-business advisor and former head of e-commerce at Woolworth.

The report will probe the status and future development of DiTV and will include examples of DiTV work to date, revenue/business models and suggestions as to how the new medium should be developed.

Also under the microscope will be:

• The options for an organisation to become multi-channel;

• What the advantages are;

• Who the consumers are and how they interact with their TV;

• Whether the results of interactive campaigns are measurable; and

• What are interactive ads and how well they work.

The rationale for the study? Explains IPA director general Hamish Pringle: “The Government is working towards switching off the analogue signal by 2008, so it's important that the IPA draws attention to this new medium, pulls together what we know so far, and encourages more experimentation so that this new and exciting new medium can realise it's full potential, and quickly.

Commented Unna: “The opportunities for digital television are only just being realised. And it's time for the TV platform providers and the direct marketing fraternity to start talking to each other, collaborating and building best practice across the piece in order to bring exciting new solutions to advertisers, content providers and retailers. At the moment the opportunities are being buried deep within the technology and the jargon.”

News source: Institute of Practitioners in Advertising s