Britain’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising is compiling a set of guidelines for marketing via mobile phones – much to the annoyance of other industry bodies.

Drawn up by the IPA’s Digital Marketing Group, the directions will help agencies employ best practice, abide by regulatory obligations and avoid unintended spamming (the sending of unsolicited text messages).

Issues covered include using ‘unsubscribe’ messages, verifying that users have ‘opted in’ and texting to minors. The code will be unveiled on March 20.

However, the scheme was criticised by the Mobile Marketing Association, which has a set of guidelines of its own. “[The IPA programme] doesn't appear to have been put through a review of the sector whereas the MMA code comes out of open consultation with many companies,” sniffed MMA chairman Jeremy Wright.

Retorted Kieran Bourke of the IPA Digital Marketing Group: “The code of practice from the MMA doesn't address the needs of traditional agencies. It's more for those in the industry who understand mobile marketing well.”

Bourke added that by educating traditional shops, the IPA scheme could bolster the whole mobile marketing industry.

Data sourced from: multiple sources; additional content by WARC staff