PROMPTED by advertisers’ unease over the reliability and effectiveness of magazine inserts, IPC Magazines has published the first qualitative research into the UK market. Kevin Kerrigan, IPC insert sales director, concedes that many advertisers perceive inserts as 'tacky flyers for double glazing', be-lieving them to be immediately binned, while multiple inserts in a magazine give it a 'junk mail' feel. Naturally, IPC’s findings disprove this [would the research otherwise see daylight?], revealing that consum-ers do not dispose of the inserts en masse but sift through them before discarding those that fail to grab their interest. New and eye-catching inserts get most attention and the reader’s relationship with the host title can influence expectations and perceptions. Readers are undeterred by the number of inserts in a given issue asserts the study: 'People deal with inserts as a package and solus inserts may be ignored more', says Kerrigan.