Colin Lloyd, head of Britain’s DMA, was ratified earlier this week as president of the International Federation of Direct Marketing Association (IFDMA). The appointment follows a meeting in New Orleans this fall of the thirty two national DMA leaders who comprise the IFDMA.

Lloyd will lead a working party of representatives from Australia, USA, Argentina, Canada and FEDMA to examine the establishment of a permanent secretariat for IFDMA, funding requirements and the establishment of policies on key issues faced by DMA's across the globe.

As many of these issues - privacy, e-commerce, telecommunication standards and education standards - are also being addressed by global organisations such as OECD, GBDe, WTO, UPU, ICC, the need for a global direct marketing representative was agreed.

Founded in 1996, the IFDMA has adopted a ten point Global Convention of Key Principles for delivering consistent direct marketing standards world-wide. Last year the body established a web presence at as a global forum of best practice and information exchange.

Says Lloyd: "I am proud to have been chosen for such a prestigious role, particularly at a time when direct marketing continues its growth as a powerful business tool throughout the world.”

“I estimate,” Lloyd adds, “that some $400 billion is spent on direct marketing globally and it will be the responsibility of IFDMA to help make sure that direct marketing's case is properly heard on the global stage to protect this investment."

News source: IFDMA