The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – the non-profit organisation chosen by the US government to oversee web addresses – is one step nearer the introduction of three new domain suffixes.

ICANN on Monday told its staff to finalize contracts with organizations that will utilize the names .museum, .coop (for business cooperatives) and .aero (aviation firms).

However, there is a delay on the introduction of .pro (professional groups) following a disagreement with proposed operator RegistryPro over its level of financial commitment. ICANN imposed a November deadline for an agreement, meaning the suffix will probably not be introduced until next year.

The four domain names were among seven approved by ICANN last November [WAMN: 17-Nov-00]. The remaining three have already had contracts approved and are due to be activated in the near future – .info on September 19, .biz on October 1 and .name on December 13.

News source: (USA)