IBM has toppled Microsoft as America’s top technology marketer, a new study reports.

The Technology Advertising & Branding Report, published by Simba Information, found that Microsoft slipped from top spot in 2001 to number three in 2002 after slashing spend nearly 40% to $164 million (€149m; £104m). IBM claimed pole position despite reducing spend by 11%.

Using adspend data from Taylor Nelson Sofres-owned CMR, the report found that the top twenty tech advertisers paid out $1.381 billion in total, down 2.6% from 2001. The leading ten (with 2002 adspend and percentage change from 2001 in parenthese) were:

1. IBM ($217.1m, –10.8%)
2. Hewlett Packard ($188.6m, +3.5%)
3. Microsoft ($164.4m, –39.3%)
4. AOL Time Warner ($153.0m, –22.2%)
5. Apple ($116.1m, +32.2%)
6. Intel ($83.8m –26.3%)
7. Computer Associates ($47.6m, +282.5%)
8. Xerox ($44.3m, +108.8%)
9. Verizon ($39.3m, +18.7%)
10. Earthlink ($39.2m, –15.1%)

IBM’s lead may be short-lived, however, as Microsoft this week launches a campaign targeting technology professionals worth $200m – half of which will be spent in North America [WAMN: 22-Apr-03].

Data sourced from: Media Markets Daily (USA); additional content by WARC staff