The Interactive Advertising Bureau issued Tuesday a series of voluntary guidelines designed to provide a common framework for interactive audience measurement and the reporting and auditing of campaigns.

Five key metrics, says the IAB, are singled out and explained: “ad impressions, clicks, visits, ‘unique’ measurements (browsers, visitors and users), and page impressions.”

The guidelines “point to site-side data disclosure as being integral to accurate measurement and reporting of interactive advertising data.”

Constructed around a six-month investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the rules have the support of the Advertising Research Foundation, the Media Rating Council, the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of National Advertisers.

The IAB hopes to inspire consistent measurement techniques between online companies, easing the task of advertisers and agencies seeking to quantify and purchase internet ads.

“We hope that the work released today is a wake-up call to everyone (clients, publishers, agencies, research organisations and adserving companies) about the importance of standardising measurement practices,” declared Adam Gerber, interactive marketing and new media committee chairman at the AAAA.

“We can’t stress enough, however, that today's announcement means nothing if there is not quick adoption, and continued refinement to address evolving technology and advertising solutions.”

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