NEW YORK: The Internet Advertising Bureau has released new guidelines aiming to improve the measurement of interactive advertising in the US, and to ensure that the placement and auditing of ads is as transparent and standardized as possible.

The Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines were issued with the intention of providing useful definitions and advice to publishers and advertisers on placing, trafficking and tracking online ads.

Building on guidance offered by the IAB's Measurement Task Force in November 2004, the guide offers advice on serving and counting ad impressions; and on using services from third party advertising servers like Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's Atlas

George Ivie, president of the Media Rating Council – which sets industry standards for audience measurement – said: “These guidelines help all parties in the ad serving process reduce human errors, which are one of the leading causes of large impression discrepancies. 

“Solving the discrepancies of media measurement is critical and the IAB's guidelines make real inroads in improving our ability to accurately measure and report ad campaigns.”

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff