New York-headquartered industry association, The Internet Advertising Bureau, yesterday announced new templates for larger online advertisements.

The move, aimed at reviving the reeling web ad industry, introduces seven new standard ad sizes, designed to exploit the interactivity of the medium and create a more ‘emotional’ advertising ambience.

The new standards comprise two "skyscrapers", which run vertically down the side of a web page, plus four large rectangles and a pop-up ad.

The last IAB ad guidelines were issued in 1996, when eight standard banner sizes were set. When these were launched, response rates averaged one in 50. Of late this has fallen to about one in 200.

The body represents web publishers such as America Online, DoubleClick, Excite@Home, MSN, New York Times Digital, Terra Lycos, Walt Disney Internet Group and Yahoo! Its Ad Unit Task Force meets on a semi-annual basis to examine the effectiveness of existing ad units, review proposed new units and update voluntary guidelines.

Says Task Force co-chair Ritchy Glassberg: “The goal … is to help publishers, advertisers and their agencies make the internet a more effective marketing medium. The innovations … we are recommending offer the industry greater flexibility and expanded capabilities and choice for the creative community.”

Stressing that the guidelines are voluntary, Glassberg added: “We believe that their wide adoption will create a more effective medium, for cohesive branding and direct marketing campaigns.”

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