Humorous television ads dominated the rankings of the most popular videos on Warc this year.

Five of Warc's top ten most viewed videos, which included TV ads and films about campaigns, took the funny route on the way to creating effective brand communications. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2011, click here.)

An all-singing cast of animated farm animals from Oxfam New Zealand's "Unwrapped" campaign featured in the most viewed video overall.

The characters were used in Tequila's Silver-winning DMA US campaign urging Kiwis to eschew traditional Christmas presents and buy livestock for people in developing countries.

More knowing humour was deployed by Orange, the telecommunications operator, in its comedic tie-up with the cinematic remake of the 1980s television series, The A-Team.

The Fallon-created campaign, which won a Gold at the 2011 Account Planning Group UK awards, continued the brand's long-running strategy of spoofing both Hollywood and Orange's own marketing intentions. It was the third most popular film on Warc.

"Cleans Your Balls" - in fifth slot - also continued the Axe/Lynx approach of unashamedly adolescent humour which has worked well for the brand in targeting teenage males.

A gentler vein of humour was at work in the "Chobani - Real Chobani Love Story" and Cravendale's surreal "Cats with Thumbs".

Elsewhere the list featured effective but more conventional video executions from Magners Cider, McDonald's, Tide, Wrigley's and Powerade.

Data sourced from Warc