CHICAGO: Coca-Cola, the soft drinks company, has generated major benefits from ensuring its marketers can gain more rapid access to insights and information.

Roberto Cymrot, Group Director/Knowledge and Insights at Coca-Cola North America, discussed this topic at TMRE in Focus 2017, a conference held by KNect365 in Chicago.

"Speed of mining results alone is huge," he said. "Responsiveness is key for marketers getting insights when they need them." (For more details, read WARC's exclusive report: How Coca-Cola retooled its research library.)

Working with Market Logic, a firm specialising in helping brands construct insights platforms, the company has built a research intranet offering fast, easy access to a broad swathe of in-house and external data.

Pulling together the diverse slate of information essential to its business – from consumer opinions about sweeteners to ad copy testing scores – means Coca-Cola's insights division can now provide stakeholders with precise feedback at speed.

"How do we make it easier, how do we make it simpler, for people to access data?" Cymrot asked in defining the original problem. "Knowledge-per-click removes key barriers for business to use a system."

Given its brands operate in evolving categories and markets, Coca-Cola knows its insights system must continue to develop going forwards, too.

"We are looking at all areas where we do the same things over and over: Concept tests, POS testing – anywhere we use the same protocol repeatedly," said Cymrot.

"We will start building these environments to give people easy access to information they really need in a minute."

That outcome, he reported, is very different from the situation facing the insights organisation three years ago "Coca-Cola used to suffer from too much data, not enough insights," said Cymrot.

"We had such a cumbersome system. It was the black hole of research, where research goes to die. It was so hard to find, people didn't feel compelled to use it in the first place."

Data sourced from WARC