NEW YORK: Honey Maid, Mondelez International's line of graham crackers, is aiming to be on the "cutting edge" of a major marketing trend, where brands actively recognise how diverse millions of American families have become.

Gary Osifchin, Mondelez International's senior marketing director, wholesome sweet, entrepreneurial brands and channels, discussed this idea at the OMMA Video conference, organised by MediaPost and held in New York.

Honey Maid recently launched the "This is Wholesome" campaign, championing the varied forms that millions of families and households take in America today.

"I think there's a huge trend from consumer brands right now, that we are on the cutting edge of," Osifchin said. (For more details on the "This is Wholesome" campaign, read Warc's exclusive report: How Honey Maid connected with families in America.)

Cheerios, the breakfast cereal made by General Mills, is one example of a brand that has moved into this area, mirroring the demographic shifts now transforming America, and which are familiar to almost all marketers.

"Diversity in America is not new; we weren't the first to recognise it; we really hope we're not going to be the last," Osifchin said.

However, he also suggested that Honey Maid's campaign – which featured a wide range of content, from TV spots and online documentaries to viral video – marked a genuine advance in this space.

"We hit a chord; I think it resonated with folks and it worked," he said. "I really hope that others are going to start to follow, because it's the reality of who we are as a country.

"Many brands are scared of it. They're scared of changing the status quo, and showing up in a different way, and actually reflecting what the American society of today looks like. They like to stay in a safer space."

Alongside talking to a "whole new generation of families" in 2014, Osifchin believes that Honey Maid's inclusive positioning can set the marketing agenda for at least a decade.

"I'm telling everybody this is a ten-year idea, because I truly am re-establishing the brand with a whole new generation of moms and dads. It's a ten-year idea to capture that generation," he said.

Data sourced from Warc