Home computers remain far more popular than those at work for accessing the web, according to Jupiter MMXI.

The research firm’s Online Market Landscape report on the 92 million surfers in France, Germany and the UK, revealed that under one-third access the internet from work. In contrast, 61% in the UK, 51% in France and 57% in Germany surf from home.

The general definition ‘other locations’ – including houses of friends, libraries, internet cafés and schools – scored just as highly in the survey as the workplace. Around 4.1m British, 4.4m French and 5.6m German users access the web from somebody else’s home.

In addition, over half of those who do surf from work have to share their connections with others, with 40% in Germany, 45% in France and 44% in the UK sharing with three or more.

“Despite the increased use of the internet as a business tool, the internet is used more widely for entertainment and shopping from home,” commented Mari Kim Coleman, Jupiter’s senior vp of measurement.

News source: Daily Research News Online