A comprehensive research report on the opportunities and fundamentals underlying US-based Spanish language television is published today by Woodcrest Capital, a private investment firm based in Fort Worth, Texas (and a substantial investor in Hispanic TV).

The report, Understanding US-Based Spanish-Language Television, is one of the first to direct attention to this rapidly growing broadcast space. Woodcrest believes it presents emerging opportunities for viewers, advertisers and investors.

“Today, roughly seventy English-language or ‘general market’ television channels exist for viewers in the US. However only two Spanish-language television networks are on the air nationwide,” says Woodcrest principal Ash Huzenlaub.

“This presents a gross under representation of the 35 + million people that make up the US Hispanic population. Even with the advent of a third US based Spanish-language television network, demand is still under-satiated.”

Woodcrest believes that the nation’s advertisers are poised to reallocate their television ad budgets to better reflect the makeup of the US population. In 2000, over $41 billion was spent on all television advertising with a limited percentage of that amount directed at Hispanics.

“The Hispanic market cannot be ignored and it is highly likely that the various media conglomerates will seek a window to better reach this important segment of the population,” predicts Huzenlaub.

The report is available at www.woodcrestcapital.com.

News source: Woodcrest Capital