NEW YORK: Hispanic consumers have been targeted by media companies during the annual upfronts, including one channel recruiting actress and singer Jennifer Lopez as its chief creative officer.

NuvoTV chief executive Michael Schwimmer said Lopez's role would be to generate "buzz around the network" by working on "brand, brand direction, on-air look and feel" as the channel seeks to increase its presence among Hispanic viewers whose primary language is English.

He added that her role was neither "gimmick" nor a "stunt" and that she would play a full part in the channel's strategy as well as appearing in a consumer marketing campaign.

"We're all kind of tired of the stereotypes," Lopez told the New York Times, adding that these reflected who American Latinos once were rather than "who we are now".

Meanwhile, Fox Hispanic Media, which operates four Latino-focused networks and is part of News Corporation, said it would offer "real choice" to Spanish-speaking American Latinos and the advertisers who want to attract them.

Tom Maney, executive vice president of advertising sales, said the media situation was "very complicated" with consumers confused by thousands of messages a day.

Research from Havas Media has shown that 51% of Hispanic adults prefer to see ads in Spanish, while the highest television consumption is found in LatAm Soccer with 63% penetration.

The Latino Influence Project has also noted that the process of acculturation works two ways and that marketers should consider not only adapting general campaigns for the Hispanic audience but should incorporate Hispanic insights into strategies and creative from the beginning in order to influence general market consumers.

Data sourced from the New York Times; additional content by Warc staff