NEW YORK: Hewlett Packard Enterprise - one of two firms spinning off from Hewlett-Packard in November - is drawing on a mix of fresh insights and data-driven marketing opportunities as it seeks to build a new brand.

Next month, Hewlett-Packard will divide into HP Inc., specialising in products like laptops and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, focusing on business-to-business solutions.

Chris Drago, Hewlett-Packard's director/enterprise media - and who will move to the organisation's B2B incarnation - discussed this topic at Advertising Week 2015.

"The HP logo that you know will go with the HP Inc. side of the business," he said. (For more, including details of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's content strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" prepares for launch.)

"So, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we're in the process of establishing a new brand for ourselves - a new brand identity [and] a new logo will come with that; [so will] a new tagline."

One driver of this new company's positioning has involved tapping in-depth knowledge about its target clientele, according to Drago.

"What can we - as a brand - express from a thought-leadership standpoint? What do people want to hear from us, though?" he asked in describing its approach.

"Let's not just talk to ourselves. Let's listen to those insights and create things and engage folks in a way that's meaningful to them.

"There are great, rich insights out there. A great place to start is: 'What are they looking at now?' 'What are they talking about?' 'What are they sharing?'"

As Hewlett-Packard's existing web platform is also moving with HP Inc., so Drago's team will be able to leverage the latest data-gathering tools, which are built directly into a new online hub.

"With that website, we have the opportunity to build best-in-class ad tech. And that's the backbone: the best-in-class ad tech," he said.

"If you ever wanted the chance to start from scratch and start over, we have the opportunity to do that, and build things in that will enable data-driven marketing for us as an organisation like never before."

Data sourced from Warc