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Help Wanted: PR Person to Gloss Ad Practitioners’ Image

News, 06 December 2002

The good news. Americans polled by the Gallup Organization rated ad professionals’ ethics as “very high” or “high”.

The bad news. Only 9% of the sample believed this, ranking the mired profession of stockbroker as more trustworthy with a rating of 12%.

Ad folk, however, can console themselves with the thought that they at least outrank car salesmen (6%) and telemarketers (5%) in the trust stakes.

Joe Public’s verdict on the ethics of the ad business?

2001 rating in parentheses
‘High / Very High’ = 9% (11%)
‘Average’ = 50% (56%)
‘Poor / Very Poor’ = 36% (27%)

Nurses, predictably, dominated the favorable end of the poll with 89%, followed by military officers with 65%.

[Advice to PR firms pitching for the image refurbishment account: after shaking hands, count fingers.]

Data sourced from:; additional content by WARC staff